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 Hello!  My name is Jeff Stephens. I was born and raised on the White Mountain  Apache Indian Reservation near Show Low, Arizona. At a young age I found  solace in my artwork. It was an escape from the hardships my family was  enduring while being missionaries. What started out as an escape soon  turned to passion. I knew that if I could create every day, my life  would be complete. I spent 6 years in the U.S. Army and during that time, I completed my degree in fine art. I have had many gallery showings and even have pieces touring the country to raise awareness for my brothers and sisters-in-arms who are battling PTSD or TBI. After getting out of the Army, I found my passion in tattooing. I find great  joy in giving my clients a living art piece. I want my clients to have a work of art and that is where my fine art background comes in. I am versatile in all  styles and am ready to work with you to create a piece that you will get  life-long enjoyment from.  

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